Thursday, 10 April 2008


So, I've been to a couple of concerts lately. One was last weekend, the other was some months ago.

On 19th April this year there was a Black Metal concert. Dark Embrace (a local band) and Watain. Dark Embrace has improved vastly over these years, and it showed in the concert. Watain were awesome, also. No, they didn't splash any blood on stage (both the stage and the concert room's floor were wooden and it would have been a hell of a bloody mess to clean up), neither did they display goats' heads or anything like that, there were some inverted crosses, black candles, incense and all that stuff, and the music was great, mostly songs from their latest album, "Sworn to the Dark" (which was sold out, unfortunately). The concert was at the Dublin Irish Pub, in Carballo. Great, comfortable place, with cheap but good booze and food!

Last week (21st June) there was a grindcore concert with Extreme Noise Terror, Nashgul and Machetazo (these last two ones are local bands). Great concert, lots of fun, my ears ringed a couple of days afterwards. There were lots of people dressed up as zombies, with some spare limbs to throw around (much to the Extreme Noise Terror folks' mirth). It was at the Capitol concert hall in Santiago, it used to be a cinema and therefore is a great place with lots of space and good accoustics: something you won't find in my hometown. Here it's the Opera House, the Colisseum or a small, crummy place.

Speaking about Santiago, I don't know what's wrong with that town, it's as if noone there fucked and had kids, because it looked that the concert-goers were the only young people in town. There was only one metal pub, with a Lord of the Rings theme, which isn't an intrinsically bad trait if it wasn't coupled with: the place being a very small one (I'm rather large and I hate being in cramped spaces), full of people and most of these folks being that kind self-appointed nerds. You know, the ones who can talk about MMORPGs, heroic fantasy or Final Fantasy. The ones who prostitute what was once a badge of honour, that is, having arcane AND useful knowledge (mostly about computers), which is what a proper nerd is, not someone who has read Death Note seven times in a row. That is a masochist with no life and no balls to get into real SM. Fucking bastards.

Now, how did I get here?

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