Monday, 15 September 2008

Test Drive: the Führermobile (day 1)

Today I took the Führermobile for a drive. I hadn't driven for four years, and it was kind of confusing for the first few minutes, but I guess it's kind of like coding HTML: you can't forget how to do it.

Parking was the hardest bit, but surprisingly I got it right on the first try (mind you, I was checking which pedal was the clutch just five minutes before that). The car's small on the outside, but big inside (not "big as an SUV", but big as "I can fit inside it without having to practice ninjutsu for two years", which given my size and the car's size is quite an achievement. You can never go wrong with German cars...), it's quite responsive, offers a great view of the road (it's got a short snout) and you can notice by the sound and vibrations if you're revving up too much or you are getting on the curb/off the road without it being noisy or bothersome inside. Yes, it's a bit old (about 18 years now), but it isn't gasoline-thirsty, I can get it for free and it comes with a tape deck, which is awesome for my metal tapes which I can't listen to anymore in my computer but I still keep around, just in case.

Tomorrow I'll take the Führermobile for another drive.

Forging the furnace for the final grand slam! (Ta-dadada, ta-dadaaaa!)